Zambia, Liberia patients for excellent Offer in India Contact Global hospital Chennai

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Healthcare industry in India is one of the fastest growing sectors. Currently, over 75% of the hospitals in India are privately owned. Interesting to observe is that while earlier, the west used to lead the path on innovations, we will now witness an increasing contribution from the Indian healthcare institutions as well. Worldwide, the advances in health care are phenomenal. Global Hospitals (Global) brings them into India, as they happen. Global Hospitals, many times, makes them happen. With India’s largest multi-organ transplant centre and the country’s best team of experts in a host of specialties, Global Hospital in Chennai with its world class hospitals, has given a new lease of life to many battling with end-stage diseases. Recognized for internationally reputed doctors and cutting-edge medical technologies, the Hospital has achieved several milestones by performing rare and pioneering surgeries.

Global Hospitals has become the destination of choice for patients from Zambia, Liberia because it

  • Offers world-class care at affordable cost.
  • Employs personnel with rich experience and impeccable credentials.
  • Deploys state-of the-art equipment and technologies.
  • Believes in multi-disciplinary teamwork.
  • Produces results on par with the best in the West.
  • Sets bench in quality, safety and innovation.
  • Exceeds patient expectation by going the extra mile in service.
  • Deploying State-of-the art facilities and equipments.
  • Attracting the most talented medical, scientific and support staff.
  • Providing affordable health care of unsurpassed quality.
  • Exceeding service expectations.
  • Adhering to professional and scientific integrity.
  • Embracing change and encouraging innovation.

Global Hospital Chennai

Today Global hospital in Chennai is the 3rd fastest growing corporate chain of private hospitals in India, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and most advanced technology offering tertiary level super specialty care and multi organ transplantation services. Global Hospital Chennai is the flagship hospital of the Global Hospitals Group, which operates eight hospitals throughout India. Global Hospital in Chennai is the also pioneers in stem cell research and research regarding organ transplants. .Approximately 2,500 international patients treated each year, coming from Zambia, Liberia. A full range of services are offered to patients from Zambia, Liberia, including private rooms, accommodation arrangements, transpiration, special dietary needs, translations, insurance coordination and more. The outcomes at Global are on par with the best centers in the world.

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Special Services for Zambia, Liberia patients by Global hospital Chennai

Global hospital Chennai takes special care to ensure their Zambia, Liberia patients feels at home in India. Global hospital staff leaves no stone unturned in giving them the right amount of attention wherever need be. Their special services for Zambia, Liberia Patients include:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Treatment packages in advance
  • Visa Assistance
  • Airport Pick-n-Drop facility
  • Hotel reservations, if needed
  • Language interpreters
  • Express check-in through our dedicated International Patient’s Lounge
  • In-house business centre
  • Choice of international cuisine
  • International newspapers & Internet access in the room.
  • Recliner’s lounge for comfort
  • Ambulance pick-up, if required
  • Concierge services for dining & entertainment
  • follow up assistance by the hospital staff for future appointment scheduling after discharge.

Global hospital Chennai offer care under high standards of strict protocols for infection control for the safety of Zambia, Liberia Patients but yet a very homely environment. The International Patient Services team of Global hospital in Chennai is dedicated to provide excellent care. The team cares for their Zambia, Liberia Patients right from the point of arrival in the country till they fly back safely. The special care also reflected with hospitals Language Interpreters on Board and very Special food services serving the Zambian, Liberian Patients food.We have fast track services for our patients You can

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International patients for excellent Packages in India Contact Fortis Hospital Mumbai

Millions come every year to get treated and then enjoy their recuperative holidays across India. People from different walks of life cut across the entire span of the globe come to India to have their treatments done with peace of mind. India provides world class medical facilities with hospitals like Fortis Hospital Mumbai India providing their expertise. As healthcare prices rise in developed countries, more and more people from all around the world are looking for alternatives to affordable healthcare. This search for cheaper healthcare is driving people to the developing countries in order to seek affordable treatment. Coming to India for a Medical Trip helps save a significant amount of money, sometimes to the tune of 50 % to 70 %. Fortis Hospital Mumbai provide first-class services and facilities and helps to do away with the long waiting lines that patients experience in their home country.

fortis-hospital-delhi copyFortis multispeciality hospital in Mumbai expertise and excellence in health care:

Fortis multispeciality hospital in Mumbai is JCI accredited and highly renowned for their superior quality of health care. JCI accreditation ensures that the quality of medical and surgical care is at par with the American standards. The amenities offered by the hospitals are all state of the art, and the technological expertise utilized by the doctors is world class and latest. Fortis Hospital use first-rate and safe implants and consumables. The hospital staff speaks English very easily and fluently, thus eradicating any communication gaps or slip-ups. Fortis Hospital also provides assistance to international patients to help organize their travel to India for their medical treatments. This ensures that travelers have a positive experience while receiving medical care abroad, and are treated with great hospitality upon their arrival. Fortis Hospital also offers some healthcare programs to help cover costs for people who need life-saving procedures that may not have insurance or the financial means to pay for the total cost of healthcare abroad. They also help resolve any tie-ups with insurances people may have that they need to clear before receiving treatment.

Fortis hospital copy

Packages provided to international patients by Fortis Hospital Mumbai

The strongest advantage in favor of India is its ability to provide international quality of medical care at the lowest rates, in comparison with any other part of Asia. In addition to saving costs, Health Tours to India, can save significant amount of time and the required surgical / medical care can be sought almost instantaneously on arrival. Patients willing to undergo treatment in India will realize savings of up to 85% on high-acuity procedures. Medical treatment in India is an absolute package of health care, wellness and loads of savings. With healthcare being more affordable as well, India is now touted to have a great destination for medical procedures, as well as a great money-saver for those foreigners seeking various treatments that they can simply not afford in their home country. One can avail economical and highly specialized treatments such as Dental and Cosmetic Surgery, Implant Surgeries, Organ Transplants, Augmentation Surgery, and a host of Cardiac Surgeries. Most people like to get the most for their dollar. The single biggest reason foreigners travel to India for medical treatment is the opportunity to save money. Depending upon the type of treatment, uninsured and under-insured patients, as well as those seeking elective care, can realize 15 – 85 percent savings over the cost of treatment in the US.

Fortis Healthcare is offering medical services to international are a reputed and trusted healthcare hospital with branches across India. For 24×7 availability for any issue resolution.

We have fast track services for our patients You can Email :

Fortis hospital Mumbai India

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Fortis Hospital Chennai, India: Stands for Credible Healthcare Services


In India, we are known to have some of the best hospitals and clinics. Thanks to the rise of medical tourism, every hospital seems to be par in terms of facilities and resources. One such brand, which needs no introduction in India is certainly the group of Fortis. It is a chain of hospital, which has one of the best hospital called the Fortis Hospital Chennai, India. The group was incepted in the year 1996 by its own founder Late Dr. Parvinder Singh who envisioned to have a state of art facility hospital. He and his team had in his mind to make the Fortis Hospital Chennai, India and entire group to embark as a world class integrated healthcare delivery system in the country thus giving one of the finest medical skills that is clubbed with compassionate and combined patient care. Let’s have a look at the Fortis Hospital Chennai, India in the following paragraphs:

Fortis Hospital Chennai, India Mission Behind the group

FORTIS2Fortis Hospital Chennai, India unlike the Fortis Healthcare group is considered as the country’s fastest and ever growing healthcare group in the country. Since past few years, it has emerged out as the first hospital in north India along with the south starting up in the late nineties embarking with a total 55 facilities today. In the long list of hospitals of Fortis, the Fortis Hospital Chennai, India is considered to be among the top hospital, which has one of the best healthcare delivery system in place. It symbolizes high quality healthcare solutions backed wit best clinical experience which is offered with great transparency and high level of integrity. This has made Fortis Hospital Chennai, India to be the most preferred group in the country giving high quality education with great care and professionalism. All these factors make the Fortis Hospital Chennai, India the most preferred place for various treatments by both the Indian and overseas patients.

Features of Fortis Hospital Chennai, India

At Fortis Hospital Chennai, India happens to be a reputed and integrated healthcare delivery service provider in the country. It is primarily, one of the best and top healthcare verticals of the country which comprises of hospitals, diagnostics and a number of day care specialty facilities found in the premises of Fortis Hospital Chennai, India. Currently, one can find the Fortis Hospital Chennai, India operate with huge amount of beds and the best of the doctors and surgeons. In other words, it is among the most technologically advanced hospital in this planet and happens to be ranked the second by top medical portals of the country and overseas.

fortis-hospitalsNow talking about the features of Fortis Hospital Chennai, India, it has one of the best minds in medical circles from different specializations and expertise. The Fortis Hospital Chennai, India has the best of the facilities governed by state of art technologies. Together one can find a wide range of features which play a vital role in fixing a majority of ailments found among the people. It has the best doctors and surgeons who are highly skilled and educated in relevant programs to excel in their jobs. They have higher success rates and known to give nothing but the best to both the local and foreign patients alike. Thus you have all the reasons to rely on Fortis Hospital Chennai, India for a wide range of healthcare services after you get the best.


Fortis Hospital Chennai, India is thy brand of high quality healthcare solution, which come along with great affordability. They have all the features to make themselves to appear like a competitive group that can make a great difference in the life of many patients.

For More Details:
India Fortis Hospital

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India Grants Medical Visa to an Ailing Infant From Pakistan For His Treatment with India Cardiac Surgery Site

An ailing infant from Pakistan got his medical visa for treatment in India after his father tweeted as “Why my bud should suffer for medical treatment? Any answers Sir Sartaaj or Ma’sm Sushma.” In what could be considered as a majot shown of sympathy and spirit of service, the Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj has assured the father of a two and a half month old baby Rohaan Kanwal Siddiq that he will be provided with a medical visa for the ailing child for his treatment in India from Dr. Rajesh Sharma at Jaypee Hospital Delhi.

sushma-swaraj123 copyThis news came in when the whole relationship of India-Pakistan is going through a tough phase considering the recent reasons such as the cross-border terrorist firings and the execution of the Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav for spying.

As per the reports, the infant is suffering from a heart condition that cannot be treated in Pakistan. Hence the father of the child contacted India Cardiac Surgery Site , a prominent medical value provider in India that assists the global patients seeking their medical treatments and surgeries at affordable prices.

In his distress call, Kanwal said that he had sought a medical visa for his ailing infant and he has also emphasized the point that even thought the present relationship between India and Pakistan is strained but his son is not aware of these happenings so he should not be deprived of proper treatment in India. He had sought help from Sushma Swaraj, who is renowned to be highly active and responsive to the distress calls on the micro-blogging site, Twitter. She mediated the matter when it came to light and said, “No, the child will not suffer. Please contact the Indian High Commission in Pakistan and we will provide you the medical visa. After this good news, the father of the infant thanked all for their efforts. He replied to the External Minister of Affairs saying that it is heartening to see humanity prevailing despite the differences.

The family has been trying to get a medical visa for the past three months. It is also reported that many Indian twitter users have pleaded Sushma Swaraj to help the father of the two and a half month old baby with his treatment. This is why the father has thanked all for their efforts.

The official at the Indian High Commission said that a four month medical visa has been issued to the family of the child so that he could undergo his heart surgery in India.

In the wake of the Kulbhushan Jadhav episode India has suggested that their foreign minister or the foreign affairs advisory Sartaj Aziz give a recommendation letter and this will be cleared immediately, without any further delay. Adding this insistence on the recommendation letter would enable us to make sure that all the requests receiving from Pakistan are genuine. There are many ailing citizens of Pakistan who have been travelling to India on medical visas seeking the treatments for various complicated health problems.

About India Cardiac Surgery Site

India Cardiac Surgery Site is a renowned medical value provider in India which offers assistance to the international patients seeking the affordable price medical treatments and surgeries in India from the best surgeons at the top hospitals. Send us your query to or call us at +91-9370586696 and we will get back to you with the required information.

Pakistani cardiac baby patient details

Baby name : Baby Rohaan Kanwal Siddiq

Surgeon : Dr Rajesh Sharma

Hospital: Jaypee Hospital Delhi

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Contact K S Iyer Fortis Escorts Hospital Delhi at India Cardiac Surgery Site Consultants

Paediatric cardiac surgeon deals in cardiac surgery on children. Cardiac surgery can be suggested to patients suffering from valve blockage, valve stenosis, atrial septal defect etc. These diseases can be detected by cardiac ultrasound, MR etc. The test are done to locate the problem and to decide the treatment accordingly.

Top Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon Delhi Fortis Hospital – Introduction:

The Best Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon India Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer is a Paediatric Cardiologist. Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer has persued M.B.B.S. in the year 1978, M.S. (Gen. Surgery) in the year 1981, M.Ch. (CTVS) in the year 1984 from All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Fellowship (Neonatal cardiac surgery); from Royal Children’s Fortis Hospital, Melbourne in the year 1989. Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer the best pediatric cardiologist in Delhi has performed original work on the rapid two-stage arterial switch procedure. He has also performed the first successful rapid two stage arterial switch and double-switch operation in India.

dr-krishnaExperience & Expertise:

Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer has 30 years of experience. He has performed many surgeries in his medical career. He is one of the top ranking Best Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon India, renowned for his clinical expertise and wide ranging involvement with the cardiac care for children in India and also for other developing countries.

Top Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon Delhi Fortis Hospital – Rewards & Recognition:

  • Member, Editorial Board of the Annals of Paediatric Cardiology.
  • Editor-in-Chief of the Indian Journal of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery.
  • Member, Speciality Board of National Board of Examinations capture.
  • Council member of the Asian Society of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery.
  • Permanent Member, Steering Committee for World Congress of Paediatric Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery (2009 onwards).
  • President of Paediatric Cardiac Society of India (2005-2007).
  • Founder, President of Asia Pacific Paediatric Cardiac Society (2005-2006).
  • Vice President of Paediatric Cardiac Society of India (2003-2005).
  • Fellow and Life member of the Indian Association of Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeons.
  • Governing Council member of the World Society of Congenital Heart Surgery.
  • International member of the American Association of Thoracic Surgery.
  • Founder member of Paediatric Cardiac Society of India.


It is easy to plan your medical tour to India with India cardiac surgery site. You will be assisted to get quick medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals, accommodation etc. For more details visit our website or fill our free consultation form online.

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Dr. T S Kler of Pacemaker Doctor Escorts Hospital India

dr-t-s-kler-copyIndia as we know is not short of good doctors and hospitals. This certainly include the ones from cardiology and heart care be it hospital or the cardiac experts, there is no dearth of human and other resources for patients to avail. Interestingly, Indian hospitals happen to be a place for high quality and affordable healthcare services. Indian hospitals are highly competitive in terms of facilities and human resources and similar is the story of cardiac care hospitals and medical centers, which are equipped the best with top and best cardiac surgeon India like Dr. T S Kler who leave no stone unturned to make the global patients par in terms of results and quality of heart care services. Its doctors like him only who has been known for their high quality and affordable cardiac care services backed with quality element. Let’s check the candidature of the doctor and know the reason why global patients get attracted towards him in the following paragraphs:

Dr. T S Kler-Current Designation and other engagements

When we talk about the cardiac experts like Dr. T S Kler, he is simply the Best Interventional Cardiologist India. He is currently the executive director of Cardiac sciences apart from being the head of the department of the Cardiology based in FEHI in Delhi. Besides, he is also the Director of Arrhythmia Service at the known group called FEHI Delhi and that too attached as a founder member of the same. In his career spanning to two decades and more, he has carried out more than 2000 cardiac surgeries including 300 angioplasties along with a number of other things. In fact he has been the first state of art electrophysiology in the department in India and is among the first doctors to carry out the procedures like ICD or Implantable CardioverterDefirbrillator. He is among the first doctor to carry out a number of procedures for the first time including the advanced procedures like Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) programs not just in India but all across Asia in countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other nations in the South Asia. He has been the pioneer in organizing the first Indo Pak Heart Summit in India and hence has brought forth in both the nations both socially and academically.

Interest & Expertise

If you talk about Dr. T S Kler, he is simply the best cardiac surgeon India who is among the recognized for the outstanding jobs along with bagging a number of awards including the Padma Bhushan from the former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in 2005. He has been associated with a number of groups wherein he has been recognized at the top places like the SahibzadaAjit Singh Academy, and has been also awarded by the president like The Citation Award from the Escorts Heart Institutes in 2002. He has been given the Vijay Ratna Awards along with getting the International Friendship Society India at the global friendship society for a number of things like Enriching Human Life and Outsanding Attainments along with getting a number of other awards.

Why choose Dr. TS Kler for Pacemaker surgery?

Well, you have a number of other reasons to choose for cardiac care experts like Dr. TS Kler. He is just the one of the Best Cardiac Surgeon India who has a vast experience in dealing with a wide range of cardiac care services including the angioplasties, open heart surgeries, pacemaker implant and other cardiac procedures. He has carved his niche hard in establishing his identity in the market of cardiac care and thus gives nothing but the best of the results. This is the very basic reason why more and more global patients opt for the surgery.

For More Details:

India Cardiac Surgery Consultants




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Top Cardiovascular Surgeon Dr Meherwal of Fortis Escorts Hospital Delhi

Dr. Z. S. Meharwal is the Best Surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi and Director and Coordinator of Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery. He completed his MBBS, MS in General Surgery and M.Ch in Cardiothoracic Surgery from King George Medical College, Lucknow. The best cardiovascular surgeon of India is a part of the founding team of doctors at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. Dr. Meherwal has worked as a Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at prestigious King’s College Hospital in London.

With over 25 years of experience in cardiac surgery, Dr. Meherwal the best cardiovascular surgeon of India has over 20,000 surgeries to his credit which includes the complex cadr-zs-meherwal-copyrdiac procedures. He is also the Programme Director of DNB Cardiothoracic Surgery at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. Dr. Meherwal has also been actively involved in training and teaching. He has been invited in the national and the international meetings as faculty. Similarly, he has been actively involved in social services and has been organizing free cardiac camps all over the country to deliver health talks to the public.

The Best Surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi has more than 40 publications in the peer reviewed journals to his credit. Dr. Meherwal has received many awards including the President award for his contribution in the field of cardiac surgery.

Best Surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi

The clinical interest of Dr. Meherwal the best surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi are surgery of ascending aortic aneurysms and dissections, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, valve repair and replacement, off pump coronary artery bypass surgery, carotid endarterectomy, major vascular surgery, CABG in patients with poor ventricular function and surgery for the heart failure including the heart transplantation and the ventricular assist devices. His personal interests are music, travelling and reading.

The previous experience of Dr. Meherwal, the best cardiovascular surgeon of India include- King George Medical College, Lucknow from 1982-1988 and GB Pant Fortis Hospital , Delhi from 1988-1989 at national level and consultant cardiac surgeon at King College Hospital, London in the UK from 1993 to 1997 at International level.

Awards Received by the Best Cardiovascular Surgeon of India

  • Has been listed in Marquis who is who in the world 2005
  • Received the Citation Award by President of India Sri APJ Abdul Kalam on the occasion of International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Meeting- 2002.
  • Entered into the Limca Book of Records- 2008 for performing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery on 94 year old man who is the oldest patient to undergo CABG
  • Saharanpur Aditya Samman by the Government of UP for contribution in Medical Field – 2005

Services Offered by India Cardiac Surgery Site

At India Cardiac Surgery Site we offer assistance to the International patients from across the world seeking their surgery from the Dr. Meherwal , best surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi. Our services include:

  • Treatment advisory
  • Treatment planning
  • Treatment facilitation
  • Follow-up back home
  • Scheduling an appointment with the best cardiovascular surgeon of India
  • Zero waiting time
  • World class medical treatments and facilities
  • Assistance with medical visas, transportation, flight ticket bookings, stay, food, etc.
  • Affordable cost of medical treatments and surgeries in India
  • Recuperation
  • Arranging suitable trips after approval from your surgeon

If you’re seeking to get an appointment from the best surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi, then send us your email to or call us at +91-9370586696. We will get back to you with all the required details about the best cardiovascular surgeon of India for further interaction.

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Fortis Hospital attract global patients from Angola, Sudan, Mozambique, Chad, Malavi & Congo countries for high success rate healthcare services

Of late, there has been a huge amount of investment taking place in the healthcare sector in India. This has therefore given top brands to invest in this sector bringing out one of the most high end hospitals governed by state of art technologies, which include the group Fortis. In fact, this group is known to have one of the top facilities pertaining to healthcare services of treatment and surgeries of wider range. The Fortis Hospital has some top healthcare professionals including the Dr. K R Balakrishnan, Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer, Dr. Z. S. Meherwal who are known for their expertise giving away high quality healthcare services, which come along with greater affordability element. Now, it’s time to dig in deep about these top healthcare professionals who are found in the top most hospital called the Fortis Hospital.

Dr. T SKlerdr-t-s-kler-copy

If you talk about Dr. T S Kler, he is a big name in cardiac care. He holds the position of Executive Director, Cardiac Sciences apart from having the position of Head of department of Cardiology at Fortis Hopsital Delhi. Besides, Dr. T S Kler is also the Director Arrhythmia Service, at the Fortis Hospital in Delhi that too from the days of inception in the year 1991. In his career of few decades, he has carried out more than 2000 cardiac diagnostic angiographies, more than 300 angioplasties like stenting/atherectomy/rot ablation on an annual basis. Dr. T S Kler is the first man to have established the 1st state of the art Electrophysiology department in India & he is among the first doctor to be in the implant Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) in the April 1995 in India. In the year 2000 he is known to have implanted the first heart failure device the Biventricular Pacemaker in South East Asia.

Dr. K R BalakrishnanDr K R Balakrishnan. Heart transplant. july 2013. photo sourced

If we talk about this man called Dr. K R Balakrishnan, he is a brand in himself having the best of the experience and exposure in this sector of cardiac care. He has come a long way in carving his niche in domain of cardiac care and has his expertise in carrying out a wide range of cardiac care services, which include the heart transplant and other complex cardiac surgeries.The career of Dr. K R Balakrishnan lasts for not less three decades and in his career he has carried out more than 30,000 cardiac surgeries, which include both the simple and complex cardiac procedures not just in India but also abroad.

Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyerdr-krishna

Another top doctor of Fortis hospital is Dr. Krishna SubramonyIyer who is an established name in carrying out a wide range of surgeries like Senning operation, conduit repairs and a number of other one stage and multi-stage corrections for complex congenital heart diseases. Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer holds his M.B.B.S, M.S. (General Surgery) and M.Ch in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery with higher accreditations from the top institutes like All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. Talking about his current interests, Dr. Krishna SubramonyIyer is known to perfect a number of procedures like the complex neonatal cardiac surgery, cardiac surgery in malnourished children and infants, salvaging late presenters of congenital heart disease, and developing cost effective cardiac care for children in developing countries.

dr-zs-meherwal-copyDr Z. S. Meharwal

Even if we talk about this man Dr Z. S. Meharwal, he happens to be at the key position called the position of Director and Coordinator of Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery. Dr Z. S. Meharwal. Has been the part and parcel of this founding team of Doctors found at the Fortis Hospital. Talking about the education of Dr Z. S. Meharwal, he has completed his M.B.B.S, M.S (General Surgery) and M.Ch (Cardiothoracic Surgery) from the reputed college called the King George Medical College, Lucknow. Talking about his international exposure, Dr Z. S. Meharwal has worked as Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at the London based prestigious King’s College Hospital. Now if we talk about the experience of Dr Z. S. Meharwal, he is known to have around 25 years of experience. In his career of two decades, he has carried out more than 20,000 cardiac surgeries to his credit. These include the complex cardiac procedures.

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Why Patients come from Malawi, Mozambique, Angola, chad and Congo for Angiography Surgery in India

Angiography Surgery in IndiaIf you talk about Angiography in India, it can be called as a surgical procedure, which is carried out by healthcare experts like cardiologists by simply inserting a catheter from the radial artery or via the femoral and hence reach out to the coronary arteries. In Angiography Procedure in India the cardiologist’s goal is to find out blockages in arteries apart from checking several other heart problems. Of late, one can find the Angiography in India becoming popular for the global patients. And patients from a number of countries including Malawi, Mozambique, Angola, Chad and Congo do visit Angiography Procedure in India. The basic reason to the flow of global patients from these nations is the fact that Angiography in India is carried out with high quality at much of the affordable cost. How about digging in deep into the Angiography Procedure in India in the following paragraphs:

Understanding Angiography

Angiography SurgeryThe angiography procedure in India primarily deals with finding out the problems inside the heart like what we said it deals with blockages found in the arteries and can be carried out within an half’stime. The procedure of angiography in India helps in recording a number of images via the procedure are it can be further studied at the
same sitting while the patients are often seen making an informed decision over the checked area. Interestingly, the angiography procedure in India and other cardiac procedures come along with high quality and great affordability which attract the global patients all across the world including the countries like Malawi, Mozambique, Angola, Chad and Congo to name a few.

Angiography – Procedure

The procedure of angiography in India is carried out but the doctor with the help of cardiac catheterization. The patient is allowed to take his time to relax which follows the test for the same as he or she gets the mild sedation. The areas closes to arm or groin along with numbing is cleaned seeking the local numbing medicine and similar stuff. The heart expert is then seen passing over a very thin but hollow tube called as sheath which is placed over the affected areas. After that the doctor is seen passing the catheter inside the sheath inside the artery and it is then moved very carefully over the heart. The X-Ray images is then seeCarotid-Endarterectomy1 copyn helping the cardiologist with the catheter. As we see the catheter coming over the place it is then seen getting injected over the catheter.The X-ray images can be seen only when the dye is seen getting injected over the catheter. The X-ray images are then seen placed over the dye and then is seen moving over the artery. The dye is then seenhelping in showcasin
g the blockages that is seen inside the blood flow. The entire procedure of the angiography in India is carried out in 10 to 15 minutes.

Why choose Angiography in India?

In the recent times, we find the Indian hospitals attracting a huge amount of global patients all across the world including the countries like Malawi, Mozambique, Angola, chad and Congo for a wide range of healthcare services including the Angiography in India. Thanks to the high quality angiography procedure in India, which come along with much of the affordable cost. The hospitals dealing with Angiography procedure in India are rich in terms of high end features backed with state of art facilities, which are hard to find out at any other place. The surgeons dealing with angiography in India are highly skilled and experienced and thus leave no stone unturned to keep the ball rolling for one and all the patients coming from a wide range of countries like Malawi, Mozambique, Angola, chad and Congo.

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A new born baby undergoes Open Heart Surgery at Fortis Hospital

A new born baby names Mayank Agarwal undergoes the open heart surgery at Fortis Hospital, India. As per the doctors at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, a centre of Efortis-hospitalsxcellence in Cardiac Care for more than 25 years, it was a remarkable even since the surgery was no guarantee to the survival of the baby, born with a rare and very serious congenital problem.

Mayank, the baby from Mathura was born with his veins attached in an abnormal position to his heart. This was affecting the baby’s breathing and hence his body started to turn blue. Almost immediately post his birth, the infant had to be transported to Delhi for a complicated surgery. Upon the refusal of the Fortis Hospital in Delhi, the baby was subsequently referred to Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer at Fortis Hospital.

A ten member team led by Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer has battled for six days in order to save Mayank’s life. Gopal Agarwal, the father of the baby says, “I called people that I am blessed with a baby boy. But within ten minutes, things changes for this first time. Little did I know that the first time I am holding my son and it will be to carry him to another hospital”. He supported the decision to perform the open heart surgery which involved cutting the chest open and performing the surgery on the muscles, heart valves and arteries.

MAYANK-11Dr. Krishna Subramony Iye, Executive Director Paediatric & Congenital heart Diseases said, “The moment I say the child, he was not in a good condition and so I didn’t want to waste a minute. We operated and what’s unique is the way the sequence of events took place”. The surgical team of doctors headed by Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer has conducted an emergency open heart surgery on an 18 hour new born baby, the youngest case in India till date.

Baby Mayank was born with a heart defect known as TAPVC, a medical condition where the blood doesn’t take the normal route from the lungs to the heart and out to the body, instead the veins from the lungs are attached to the heart in abnormal positions. These veins will narrow and the blood tends to dam up. The oxygenated blood will leak or enter into the wrong chamber and the blood gets dammed in the lungs. The blood passing through the aorta to the body does not have normal amount of oxygen and this causes the child to become breathless. Hence the only option was to perform an emergency surgery in order to avert the fatal consequences.

MAYANK-12Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer said that due to rapid advances in the diagnosis and treatment of paediatric congenital heart defects over the last few decades and availability of diagnostic tools, more accurate diagnosis is possible even before the birth of the child. Over 75% of infants born with critical heart diseases can now survive beyond the first year of life with the currently available treatment modalities. Many of them can lead near normal lives thereafter. The key is early diagnosis and timely intervention. Since Mayank was born with additional defect of abnormal and narrow veins, it posed a bigger challenge since the veins had to be treated immediately. The surgery has been a success and doctor’s claim by the time Mayank gets to school, he will be just like other kids.If you are seeking for low cost open heart surgery at Fortis Hospital, India from Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer then contact India Cardiac Surgery Site by sending us your query.

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