How to find best doctor for Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery in India?

The minimally invasive heart surgery in India is a safe operation that has revolutionized the wMinimally Invasive Heart Surgery-2ay the surgery is performed. It is a relatively newer and advanced techniques for performing the coronary bypass surgery for the coronary artery disease. This surgery is also referred to as a keyhole heart surgery and done on the beating heart which means a heart-lung machine is no required since the heart is not made to stop pumping.

During this surgery, the surgeon makes small, 2-3 inch incisions in the left side of the chest and then removes the internal mammary artery either directly or using the da Vinci robotic system. Then the harvested internal mammary artery is stitched to the coronary arteries. Nowadays, most cardiac surgeons prefer this option due to its safety and fewer complications. Since the incisions are smaller in length, therefore this surgery is less elaborate, recover is faster and the patient can return back to the normal activities quickly than a traditional open heart surgery.

There are several benefits of the Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery  in India which includes:

  • No bones are cut and hence reduce pain, retain the functioning and have a positive effect on breathing.
  • You can return back to normal life and perform the activities such as driving almost immediately post surgery.
  • Almost negligible blood loss and therefore it eliminates the blood transfusion and also the blood borne infection.
  • Infections such as wound infections or the post surgical lung infections are reduced and this makes it ideal procedure for the diabetic and older patients having poor resistance towards infection.
  • Incision is cosmetic as it measure only 2-3 inches and hence it is practically impossible to tell if a heart operation has been performed.
  • This procedure lasts only for 4 days unlike the conventional surgery which takes about 9 days.
  • You will be required to stay at the hospital for few days and can recover quickly.

This surgery is done on the patients with blockages which can be bypassed through small opening on the left side of the chest. Your doctor will recommend to undergo this surgery in case where using the bypass surgery is risky such as in patients with kidney disorders, lung diseases and peripheral vascular diseases.

The healthcare sector in South Africa has been criticized for its high costs, medical inflation due to the spiralling prices. Many patients from across Africa start searching for a low cost minimally invasive heart surgery abroad. India provides the best healthcare services in terms of professional treatments from the experienced team of doctors who are specialized in performing the minimally invasive surgery and cardiac by-pass surgery.

The best doctors for minimally invasive surgery in India are highly skilled and offer comprehensive care and compassion towards the patients from abroad. India Cardiac Surgery Site Consultants along with the best doctors and top cardiac hospitals across different cities across the country provide high quality medical treatments aMinimally Invasive Heart Surgery-3nd surgeries to the patients at the most affordable prices. Our hospitals provide the ambulatory emergencies and our pediatric division diagnosis and treats the cardiac issues in new born babies. The top cardiologists in India uses the advanced technology and the best practices which adheres to the international standards.

Cost of minimally invasive heart surgery in India starts from 6500$ which is lesser than the cost of surgery in South Africa. At India Cardiac Surgery Site, we recognize the importance of excellent healthcare and well-being of our patients and therefore offer low cost minimally invasive heart surgery in India with the best doctors and top hospitals in India.


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I am Rachel Smith,associated with India Cardiac Surgery Consultants. India Cardiac Surgery is a popular name in the field of heart surgery. These consultants are having a team of skilled and experienced cardiac surgeons.
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