Pacemaker Implantation surgery Benefitting Abroad Patients at an Affordable Price

A pacemaker implantation surgery is a procedure that is performed to implant a pacemaker which is an electrical device used for regulating the heartbeat. It is required by the patients with irregular heartbeat or patients having damage to their heart muscles due to a heart attack. The heart comprise sof four chambers, two upper chambers-right and left atria and two lower chambers-right and left ventricles. The function of the heart chambers are to pump the blood around body and are controlled controlled by the electrical signals that start in the SA node in right atria, causint it to contract. These signals will then travel to the AV node, located between the atria and ventricle which slowly releases the signal into the ventricle and then contracts.

A pacemaker will be required when the electrical signals controlling the heart become disrupted. It will replace the natural pacemaker of the body by regulating the electrical signals. It will monitor the heartbeat and the sensors in it will indicate when Pacemaker Implantation surgery-3the heartbeat needs to be adjusted. Some patients require a pacemaker on a temporary basis to regulate a slow heartbeat after having a heart attack and once been recovered, they no longer need it. However, numerous patients require a permanent pacemaker for regulating their heart beat.

The pacemaker is a small metal device weighing between 20 to 50g which is implanted under the skin on the chest below the collarbone, near heart and connected to the heart with leads. There are three different types of pacemakers-single chamber pacemakers, dual chamber pacemakers and biventricular pacemakers. The difference between them is how many leads they have connecting the heart to the pacemaker. A single chamber pacemakers have one lead while the dual chamber pacemakers have two leads connecting the pacemaker to the right atrium and the lef ventricle. The biventricular pacemakers have three leads connecting the pacemaker to the right, left ventricle and the right atrium. Often this procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the patients will be discharged from the hospital the next day after the procedure.

A pacemaker implantion surgery is recommended for sick sinus syndrome, heart block, atrial fibrillation and bradycardia. The number of days the patients will have to stay at the hospital will be about one to two nights for monitoring their heart rhythm. The average number of stay for patients getting the pacemaker implantation surgery abroad will be around three to seven days.

Each year, about 11 million patient’s worldwide travel abroad for receiving their medical care. The healthcare system in Ethiopia is among the least developed in Africa and currently, it is not able to effectively cope up with the significant health problems faced by this country. Although the present government has recognized tPacemaker Implantation surgeryhe ill health of a fast growing population on the social and economical developed and has committed to salvage the failing health system of Ethiopia, still it needs to reinforce the primary healthcare for addressing the major gap in their healthcare system. Lack of physical access to the basic healthcare services and facilities is another reason why patients from Ethiopia choose their pacemaker implantation surgery in India at affordable price. Poverty, poor access to health services, low education levels and poor nutrition have contributed to ill health of the country.

At India Cardiac Surgery Site, we offer our patients with access to the top clinics and doctors in India. We will help you discover the best pacemaker implantation clinics for you that suit your budget. Contact India Cardiac Surgery Site to book your free consultation for an affordable price pacemaker implantation surgery in India.

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