Why Patients from Ethiopia and south Africa are choosing India for Open Heart Surgery in India

Open heart surgery is a surgical procedure for treating certain types of heart disease. The area is cut opened for exposing the heart and then the surgery is performed. It is often used for bypass surgery as the open and cut method which is used to perform the coronary artery bypass surgery. Open heart surgery in India, also known as the traditional heart surgery is done to make five to eight inches surgical cut in the chest wall through the breastbone or sternum of the patient. The whole procedure is performed under general anesthesia.Open heart surgery.1

The open heart surgery is two types- on-pump open heart surgery and off-pump or the beating open heart surgery. During on the on-pump surgery the heart is exposed through the cut on chest and the patient is put on a heart-lung bypass machine which performs the function of heart by pumping the blood to other organs of the body while the surgeons is operation of the heart which is not beating now and has no blood flowing through it. This method is used to perform the coronary artery bypass and the heart transplants.

During the off-pump or the beating open heart surgery, a heart-lung machine is not used. The surgeon will slow down the heartbeat of the patient using the medication and then operate on a beating heart. Mostly, this method is limited to the CABG. The heart conditions which are treated through the open heart surgical methods include- heart defects by birth, repair or replace the heart valves, heart transplant and the coronary artery diseases.

Open heart surgery is sophisticated procedures needing high level of expertise and experience. Each year, India alone conducts over a thousands of heart bypass surgeries and hence the Indian cardiac surgeons bring with them unmatched experience. This is the reason why patients from Ethiopia and South Africa choose India for open heart surgery. Surgeons in India are expertise in dealing with all sorts of complicated cases.

With over 500 cardiology hospitals across various Indian cities, choosing the best one can be quite confusing. India Cardiac Surgery Site Consultants assist the foreign patients by providing them information about the surgeons; hospitals and the procedure which will help them decide to get their open heart surgery according to their budget. We will help you get an appointment at cheapest price open heart surgery India. Our association with the best medical facilities for the heart care surgeries ensure you to get high quality medical treatments anOpen Heart Surgery-1d care.

You can send us your inquiry regarding the open heart surgery and we will answer your queries which will reduce your fear and anxiety about the surgery. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals will study your medical case and history to provide you with the best opinion. We will provide you the highly trained surgeons having a vast experience with low complication rates and highest success rates. Our hospitals have the good infrastructure, latest technology and the staff will offer expert patient care. Some surgeons have special expertise to handle a particular procedure. If you have other complications then you require a specific surgeon who can handle your case better. You can send us your query to India Cardiac Surgery Site Consultants to book your appointment for open heart surgery in India. Most patients from Ethiopia and South Africa have got their open heart surgery in India at low cost and they were highly impressed with the quality medical treatments and care they got throughout their medical trip to India.


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I am Rachel Smith,associated with India Cardiac Surgery Consultants. India Cardiac Surgery is a popular name in the field of heart surgery. These consultants are having a team of skilled and experienced cardiac surgeons.
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