Low Cost Heart Valve Replacement in India is a good deal for global patients


The heart valve replacement surgery is among the procedures that help in fixing the valves by replacing the same with some artificial or the ones made up of artificial or synthetic material. In this procedure you can find the surgeon removing the damaged heart valve and substituting the same with grafts or body tissues for restoring the usual functioning of the heart. Of late, India has become the pioneer in catering high quality healthcare solutions and cardiac procedures are no exception.  The Indian hospitals boast with high quality and low cost heart valve replacement in India services that attract global patients all across the world. The high caliber medical team comprising of top cardiologists, best doctors and others in the hospitals catering heart valve replacement in India make successful unlike one can find at the developed nations like the US or the UK. Time to dig in deep into the surgery and get the crux of the same as under:

Heart Transplant Surgery-2What is heart valve replacement surgery?

As said above, the heart valve replacement surgery deals with replacing the damaged valves with the artificial ones made up of manmade artificial valves for regaining the functions of the same. These surgeries can be carried out with an option of open heart surgery or the other way round depending upon the conditions and other things. There could be a number of reasons to opt for the heart valve replacement in India; some of them could be as under:

  • For fixing the Mitral valve regurgitation wherein the oxygenated blood flows back in the lungs along with fixing issues like angina arrhythmia & breathe shortness.
  • For fixing narrowed valve for valve replacement provided you have issue like aortic stenosis/mitral stenosis. You need surgery without worrying about the Low Cost Heart Valve Replacement in India.
  • You need this surgery when the valves turn leaky including the ones having aortic regurgitation or aortic insufficiency that happen to be the condition that need proper valve replacements. If left untreated it can lead to heart failures.

    Am I the candidate of Heart Valve Replacement Surgery?

    The heart valve defects can be called as congenital, which is actually a birth defect or which can be a result of degenerative mechanism. There are other causes of valve damage that can lead to infections including bacterial endocarditis or the ischemic heart diseases. You become the candidate for the Heart Valve Replacement in India when you have conditions like leaking valves, acquired heart valve diseases like calcification of valves, infective endocarditis, angina, rheumatic valve issues, valve tumours.

    Heart Valve Replacement Surgery – Procedure

    The low cost heart valve replacement in India procedure starts with general anaesthesia, which can take around 4-5 hours to complete. This surgery can be either carried out with an open heart surgery approach done with heart lung machine or via some other surgery without the machine when the heart really beats in a proper fashion.  Once the incision is made and the breastbone is separated along with the ribs and then the surgeon is seen opening up the heart and finds out the faulty valve. The edges over the valves are slightly sliced in order to lose the same from the tendons and then the valves are removed followed by replacing the same.

    Why Choose Heart Valve Replacement in India?

    When you talk about choosing the surgery in India, there are many reasons to the same. The basic comes in the form of accessing the high quality and Low Cost Heart Valve Replacement in India, which is not possible in the western nations. Secondly, India has become the key healthcare hub for the global patients boosting up the medical tourism phenomenon in India. With best talents and human resources based in Indian cardiac hospitals and top medical centres catering high quality healthcare services, the heart valve replacement in India has loads to cater.


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