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 Coronary angiography of heart can be called as a procedure wherein the cardiologists in India are seen inserting a catheter from the femoral or over the radial artery and thus reach over the coronary arteries. In angiography the cardiologists are seen having the blockages over the arteries or over the other heart ailments. The coronary angiography is often carried out with the Cath Lab hospitals and the Angiography in India is popular for many reasons including getting the same with high quality and greater affordability element. One of the prime reasons of the rise in medical tourism is the affordable cost one get to see with this surgery. The average price angiography in India comes to around very much affordable, which give the global patients to plan their surgeries including the cardiac procedures here in India.average-price-angiography-in-india

 Understanding Coronary angiography

As said above coronary angiography of heart can be called as a procedure wherein the cardiologist is seen inserting a catheter in order to reach out to the coronary arteries. In the angiography cardiologist checks for the blockages that are found in the arteries and several other heart ailments. The procedure of Angiography in India can take you around half an hour to complete. In a majority of cases, the cardiologists in India are seen recommending for angioplasty that has to be carried out in one sitting. The patients are supposed to be accompanied by the person who has the understanding of the procedure that can take an informed decision. Luckily if you are considering the option from the east then the Average Price Angiography in India is very much less that give enough reasons to the global patients to plan their cardiac procedures here.

Angiography Procedure

Coronary angiography of heart is carried out with the cardiac catheterisation. In the Angiography in India the doctor gives you a mild sedative in order to help you to relax. The area of the patient’s body (usually the arm groin) is then cleaned up and then numbed with the help of some numbing medicine. The cardiologist then passes a thin hollow kind of tube known as the sheath that is placed over the affected area. Then the catheter goes inside over the sheath inside the artery and carefully moves along over the heart. After this the doctor then takes out the X ray for helping the cardiologist position the catheter. Once the catheter is put on the place, the dye is then seen getting injected over the catheter. The X ray images are then seen dying over the artery and then the dye helps in showcasing the blockages found in your blood flow. This procedure can take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete. In case if the doctor finds out any blockage(s) he or she would carry out the procedure called Percutaneous Coronary Intervention or PCI in order to open up the blockages. This can be carried out with the same procedure but at times can be delayed for other reasons. If there are several blockages then the doctor will refer to a cardiac surgeon.


Why choose Angiography Surgeon in India

One of the key reasons of opting for the Angiography in India is to fix the blockages with great care and affordability. Thanks to the highly competitive cardiac surgeons and experts who leave no stone unturned to make the global patients run around with time and perfection. The average Price Angiography in India is extremely if you compare the same with the ones found in the developed nations. Hence you can find more and more global patients planning for the cardiac procedures here in India. The surgeons are experts and have ample amount of experience in fixing cardiac care with great care and compassion.


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