Top Cardiovascular Surgeon Dr. Z. S. Meherwal of Fortis Escorts Delhi


India has no dearth of good and Best Surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi and in other cities. Thanks to the massive amount of investment which is being pumped to give high end hospitals with state of art facilities backed by competitive doctors and healthcare experts. The cardiac surgeries are no exception as one can find high quality and affordable cost of coronary angiography India. Thanks to the team of best cardiovascular surgeon of India, which make things simple as the global patients coming to this country end up getting nothing but the best. This certainly include the cardiac experts like Dr. Z. S. Meherwal who leave no stone unturned to give the global patients nothing but the best to the global patients. How about checking about the healthcare experts dealing with cardiac issues in the following paragraphs:

Cardiovascular Surgeon of India- call global patients all across the world

India ranks high when it comes to having the best surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi like Dr. Z.S. Meherwal. These doctors are among the best in terms of experience and exposure, which make them competent in dealing with a wide range of cardiac issues together giving nothing but the best to the results to the global patients. They specializes all kinds of cardiac procedures including Angiography, pacemaker implantations, treatment of a number of cardiac issues and other problems. They are highly educated in terms of having masters in cardiac care and fixing heart ailments the most. The surgeons who fall under the category of best cardiovascular surgeon of India invite loads of patients all across the world having various cardiac issues.

Why choose Dr. Z. S. Meherwal for cardiac surgeries?

If you are looking for high quality and affordable cardiac solutions, India ranks at the top. Thanks to the low cost of coronary angiography India and other cardiac services which make things simple for the global patients coming to the east for quality solutions. If you are looking out for best cardiovascular surgeon of India, then your search comes to an end with Dr. Z. S. Meherwal. In terms of education, he holds Masters in Surgery followed by M. Ch in cardiothoracic surgery from the known King George Medical College based in Lucknow. He has more the two decades of experience and has been the founding member of Doctors at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute apart from being the director and coordinator of department of cardiovascular & thoracic surgery.

In his career spanning to more than 25 years, he has performed more than 20,000 simple and complex procedures apart from being actively involved in things like teaching and research. In terms of paper presentation, he has added more than 40 publications and reviewed a wide range of journals that fall to his credit. He is also known for delivery health talks not just in India but also in the developed nations in the west. Lastly talking about rewards and recognition, he has received as many awards as one can think any Best Surgeon in Fortis Escoangiography-in-india-2rts Delhi including the prestigious President Award for his contribution in the field of cardiac surgery.

Cardiac surgery in India

India is regarded as one of the best place for healthcare services and cardiac surgery is no exception. The country has top and best cardio vascular surgeon of India who are highly skilled and experienced giving the global patients enough reasons to give all reasons to plan their surgeries here in this country. The high quality and low cost of coronary angiography India make things simple for one and all. So, when you have Best Surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi like Dr. Z. S. Meherwal you do not have to worry about the quality of healthcare services one can get here in this place.

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