Why India Attracts Canada & Ethiopia patients for Open Heart Surgery?

Open Heart Surgery Overview

The open heart surgery in India is safer heart surgery techniques enhancing the benefits and reducing the risks. Some operations can only be performed in an open heart surgery. The open heart surgery cost in India is very less compared to the prevailing cost in the developed nations.open-heart-surgery-12-copy

Open heart surgery is a surgical procedure performed for treating certain types of heart diseases. It is cut opened for exposing the heart and performing the surgery and often used to bypass the surgery as the open and cut method for conducting a CABG (coronary artery bypass graft).

This is the traditional heart surgery and open heart surgery cost in India is economical within your budget. It will be done under general anesthesia by making five to eight inches surgical cut in the chest wall through the patient’s sternum and breastbone.

Open Heart Surgery Procedure

Generally, the open heart surgery procedure is done following the basic steps. You will be given the general anesthesia that will make you asleep. You will experience no pain throughout the affordable open heart surgery cost in India. The surgeon will make an 8 to 10 inch cut in the chest through all or part of the patient’s breastbone to expose the heart. Then the patient is connected to a heart-lung machine which moves the blood away from the heart so that the surgeon can operate. He/she will then use a healthy vein or artery to make a new path around the blocked artery and then close the breastbone with wire leaving it inside the body. This is followed by stitching up of the original cut.

Why Canada & Ethiopia patients come for Open Heart Surgery in India?

The cost of open heart surgery in Canada is quite expensive while open heart surgery cost in India is within your budget. Also there is long waiting list in the developed nations like Canada while there are no waiting lists in India. The lack of proper medical amenities, infrastructure and medical professionals in Ethiopia forces the patients to choose their open heart surgery in India.open-heart-surgery-in-india

Open Heart Surgery – Best Places to know!

The open heart surgery cost in India is highly affordable as compared to the cost offered in the developed nations. Surgeons in India perform the procedure through cutting edge clinical solutions at world class standard infrastructure with extraordinary patient care. India Cardiac Surgery Site has network of the best surgeons and top hospitals offering affordable open heart surgery cost in India by assisting our patients with appointments from leading cardiologists, medical visas, food, travel, stay, etc.

Why to choose Best Hospital for your Open Heart Surgery?

The best hospitals in India have the latest technology and equipments, world class infrastructure, state of the art facilities, highly skilled and qualified surgeons across the country. The availability of healthcare technologies at the best hospital for open heart surgery in India is at par with the prevailing facilities in the developed countries. The best hospitals in India adhere to the highest quality standards of healthcare from the most competent cardiologist by providing them economical open heart surgery cost in India.

India Cardiac Surgery Site Consultants are the pioneers in the medical tourism industry offering the economical open heart surgery cost in India. Our network hospitals and surgeons have been trained from the world class medical institutions and schools in India and abroad. Contact India Cardiac Surgery Consultants as we offer a one stop solution for the low cost open heart surgery in India.

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