India cardiac Surgery site provide offering safe and affordable price.


Are you planning for heart surgery in India? India Cardiac Surgery Site is a best place offering safe and affordable price heart surgery in India. Our network of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and hospitals across different locatioHome Small (2)ns in India take care of all health needs of our patients from abroad. We completely understand the needs of our patients and care-givers and hence assist you to plan your medical visit to India with transparency and ensure that you have a hassle free, cost effective and world class healthcare experience during your medical visit to India.

India Cardiac Surgery Site offers you the latest information about cardiac surgery India and will assist you to make choices and guide you throughout your medical journey to India. Our associated hospitals have advanced equipment’s which aid to provide you accurate diagnosis and comprehensive care for our patient during their cardiac Surgery India.

What do we Offer?

We offer empathetic patient care, empathy extends to our patient and their family, value added services, and miscellaneous services.

Empathetic Patient Carerobotic-mitral-valve-repair-in-india

  • We empathize our patients and are available 24/7 at their services
  • Our cardiac surgeons are on top of the research in cardiology and surgeries
  • Our hospitals uses advanced equipment’s and are renowned for the cardiac surgeries across the world
  • Skype conferencing with doctors for consultation
  • Consultation with doctors by telephone or video conferences
  •  Language translation services and interpretation of complex medical jargon

Empathy Extended to our Patient’s Family

  • Family members back home will be provided about the patient’s progress
  • Second opinion will be available upon request by the patient’s family members
  • All payment options- cash, credit card, wire transfers, plastic money are available

Value Added Services

  • Aid with the travel arrangements
  • Arrange medical visas for our patients and their attendants
  • Food and accommodation arrangements
  • Also help you explore “Incredible India” if your doctor says alright to do so post your surgery or treatment in India

Miscellaneous Services

  • We will keep track of the doctor’s instructions in terms of diet and other restrictions
  • We can arrange the transport for family accompanying the patient to the hospital
  • We will look after the myriad details of your accommodation, currency exchange, etc.
  • We’ll cater to the recuperative needs of our patients as per our doctor recommendation.

open-heart-surgery-in-indiaWhy Choose India Cardiac Surgery Site?

Considered as a pioneer in the field of medical value travel, there are number of reasons why patients from across the globe choose India Cardiac Surgery Site. We offer a complete range of cardiac surgery India for children and adults. Our advanced surgical procedure take care of the heart health issues of our patients and the quality of care available in India is at par or may exceed the international standards. Further, the cost of cardiac surgery India is affordable as compared to the West.

Our patient care is empathetic and we strive to minimize their discomfort and maximize the patient satisfaction. If you choose us, then you are at the right place to take care of the heart healthcare needs. Getting your cardiac surgery India has now become easily accessible, thanks to India Cardiac Surgery Site that puts our patient’s need to priority when offering excellent services and care. We are well positioned to offer the excellent patient care and services for cardiac surgery India. If there is anything you would need, please send us your query, we are glad to take care of it.


About indiacardiacsurgery

I am Rachel Smith,associated with India Cardiac Surgery Consultants. India Cardiac Surgery is a popular name in the field of heart surgery. These consultants are having a team of skilled and experienced cardiac surgeons.
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