Dr. T S Kler of Pacemaker Doctor Escorts Hospital India

dr-t-s-kler-copyIndia as we know is not short of good doctors and hospitals. This certainly include the ones from cardiology and heart care be it hospital or the cardiac experts, there is no dearth of human and other resources for patients to avail. Interestingly, Indian hospitals happen to be a place for high quality and affordable healthcare services. Indian hospitals are highly competitive in terms of facilities and human resources and similar is the story of cardiac care hospitals and medical centers, which are equipped the best with top and best cardiac surgeon India like Dr. T S Kler who leave no stone unturned to make the global patients par in terms of results and quality of heart care services. Its doctors like him only who has been known for their high quality and affordable cardiac care services backed with quality element. Let’s check the candidature of the doctor and know the reason why global patients get attracted towards him in the following paragraphs:

Dr. T S Kler-Current Designation and other engagements

When we talk about the cardiac experts like Dr. T S Kler, he is simply the Best Interventional Cardiologist India. He is currently the executive director of Cardiac sciences apart from being the head of the department of the Cardiology based in FEHI in Delhi. Besides, he is also the Director of Arrhythmia Service at the known group called FEHI Delhi and that too attached as a founder member of the same. In his career spanning to two decades and more, he has carried out more than 2000 cardiac surgeries including 300 angioplasties along with a number of other things. In fact he has been the first state of art electrophysiology in the department in India and is among the first doctors to carry out the procedures like ICD or Implantable CardioverterDefirbrillator. He is among the first doctor to carry out a number of procedures for the first time including the advanced procedures like Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) programs not just in India but all across Asia in countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other nations in the South Asia. He has been the pioneer in organizing the first Indo Pak Heart Summit in India and hence has brought forth in both the nations both socially and academically.

Interest & Expertise

If you talk about Dr. T S Kler, he is simply the best cardiac surgeon India who is among the recognized for the outstanding jobs along with bagging a number of awards including the Padma Bhushan from the former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in 2005. He has been associated with a number of groups wherein he has been recognized at the top places like the SahibzadaAjit Singh Academy, and has been also awarded by the president like The Citation Award from the Escorts Heart Institutes in 2002. He has been given the Vijay Ratna Awards along with getting the International Friendship Society India at the global friendship society for a number of things like Enriching Human Life and Outsanding Attainments along with getting a number of other awards.

Why choose Dr. TS Kler for Pacemaker surgery?

Well, you have a number of other reasons to choose for cardiac care experts like Dr. TS Kler. He is just the one of the Best Cardiac Surgeon India who has a vast experience in dealing with a wide range of cardiac care services including the angioplasties, open heart surgeries, pacemaker implant and other cardiac procedures. He has carved his niche hard in establishing his identity in the market of cardiac care and thus gives nothing but the best of the results. This is the very basic reason why more and more global patients opt for the surgery.

For More Details:

India Cardiac Surgery Consultants

Website: indiacardiacsurgerysite.com/fortis-escorts/doctors/consult-dr-t-s-kler-best-interventional-cardiologist-electrophysiologist-pacemaker-in-delhi-hospital-india.html

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