India Grants Medical Visa to an Ailing Infant From Pakistan For His Treatment with India Cardiac Surgery Site

An ailing infant from Pakistan got his medical visa for treatment in India after his father tweeted as “Why my bud should suffer for medical treatment? Any answers Sir Sartaaj or Ma’sm Sushma.” In what could be considered as a majot shown of sympathy and spirit of service, the Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj has assured the father of a two and a half month old baby Rohaan Kanwal Siddiq that he will be provided with a medical visa for the ailing child for his treatment in India from Dr. Rajesh Sharma at Jaypee Hospital Delhi.

sushma-swaraj123 copyThis news came in when the whole relationship of India-Pakistan is going through a tough phase considering the recent reasons such as the cross-border terrorist firings and the execution of the Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav for spying.

As per the reports, the infant is suffering from a heart condition that cannot be treated in Pakistan. Hence the father of the child contacted India Cardiac Surgery Site , a prominent medical value provider in India that assists the global patients seeking their medical treatments and surgeries at affordable prices.

In his distress call, Kanwal said that he had sought a medical visa for his ailing infant and he has also emphasized the point that even thought the present relationship between India and Pakistan is strained but his son is not aware of these happenings so he should not be deprived of proper treatment in India. He had sought help from Sushma Swaraj, who is renowned to be highly active and responsive to the distress calls on the micro-blogging site, Twitter. She mediated the matter when it came to light and said, “No, the child will not suffer. Please contact the Indian High Commission in Pakistan and we will provide you the medical visa. After this good news, the father of the infant thanked all for their efforts. He replied to the External Minister of Affairs saying that it is heartening to see humanity prevailing despite the differences.

The family has been trying to get a medical visa for the past three months. It is also reported that many Indian twitter users have pleaded Sushma Swaraj to help the father of the two and a half month old baby with his treatment. This is why the father has thanked all for their efforts.

The official at the Indian High Commission said that a four month medical visa has been issued to the family of the child so that he could undergo his heart surgery in India.

In the wake of the Kulbhushan Jadhav episode India has suggested that their foreign minister or the foreign affairs advisory Sartaj Aziz give a recommendation letter and this will be cleared immediately, without any further delay. Adding this insistence on the recommendation letter would enable us to make sure that all the requests receiving from Pakistan are genuine. There are many ailing citizens of Pakistan who have been travelling to India on medical visas seeking the treatments for various complicated health problems.

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Pakistani cardiac baby patient details

Baby name : Baby Rohaan Kanwal Siddiq

Surgeon : Dr Rajesh Sharma

Hospital: Jaypee Hospital Delhi


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