Best Hospitals for Valve Replacement in India helping Numerous Malawi Patients annually


With the rising patients of CVDs, procedures like Heart Valve Replacement have become very popular. There are countless heart patients around the world, who have got major respite from heart problems through this procedure. This surgery is done to correct the affected crucial valves of the heart. There are mainly four valves – Aortic, Mitral, Tricuspid, and Pulmonic – and most commonly replaced is the Aortic valve. These valves facilitate the harmonious blood flow through the chambers of the heart. While functioning, each valve needs to close entirely after helping the blood flow but a valve gets damaged; they are unable to do this aptly.

Best Hospitals for Valve Replacement in India helping Numerous Malawi Patients annually
In majority of heart surgeries, the heart is momentarily stopped and the patient is connected to a heart/lung machine that keeps the breathing and blood circulation process normal. For an Open Heart, the surgeon makes a big surgical incision while the minimally invasive version is done by making many tiny cuts. Today, this can be done on a beating heart as well but a lot depends on the health of the patient.

Best Heart Surgeons in India

The best hospitals for Valve Replacement in India are home to some of the most knowledgeable Cardiac specialists. These experts have been trained at some of the top institutes of the world and are trained to deal with the most delicate heart conditions. These Cardiologists associated with internationally reputed hospitals like Fortis, Apollo, Artemis, Max Healthcare, and many others, ensure that the patients do not go through any kind of post surgical complications, ensuring total relief.

Affordable Valve Replacement Surgery in India

As an underprivileged nation, Malawi faces critical shortages in almost every sector but shortages in the healthcare sector are the ones that make the population suffer the most. The population of Malawi is unable to reach the required cure on time because they cannot afford the heftily priced Cardiac treatment and surgery packages while in India they can easily access the same surgery. This is because the same surgery packages are very sensibly priced keeping in mind the economic conditions of the Malawi patients. So, in India, the Malawi patients can avail the Valve Replacement for $9,500 but the same procedure is priced at $1,70,000 in USA.

Attractive Surgery Packages for Malawi Patients

Living in a financially deprived background can be very burdening not only on the pockets but it affects the health conditions as well. Similar is the situation of the Malawi patients. Due to the poor economic conditions, they cannot receive the needed cure on time, sometimes leading to fatal results. But India is helping the Malawi patients immensely by offering the best treatment packages; especially related to the Cardiac ailments. The best hospitals for Valve Replacement in India have this surgery at very reasonable costs and thus the Malawi patients can get this much needed surgery without any hesitation.

Best hospitals in India

The Indian hospitals offer Cardiology as an extremely matured forte to the patients located in the far corners of the globe. These hospitals are internationally accredited and provide the Valve Replacement procedure as one of the most efficient and sought after surgery. Right from the pre-surgery evaluation to the post surgical care – the whole process is handled very effectually and meticulously. Further, the most sophisticated techniques are implemented like minimally invasive procedure, Robotic surgeries, etc., which provide more accuracy to the surgeons ensuring faster recovery and enhanced results.
Same is for the Valve Replacement surgery too. So with many several benefits like these, there are no doubts in the minds of the Malawi patients that availing this critical procedure in India will be the most rewarding decision for them. Further, India is very well connected with every corner of the globe and thus it is not difficult for the Zimbabwe patients to reach here.

Why Malawi Patient choose us?

India Cardiac Surgery Site proffers several striking services to the medical tourists:

  1. Equipped with a strong network of globally recognized Cardiac hospitals
  2. Have highly proficient Cardiologists empanelled with us, who have the appropriate knowledge to opt for right course of action
  3. We provide the most cost effective Cardiac treatment packages
  4. Very ethical and transparent approach
  5. We take care of the logistics part for the Malawi patients


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