Benefits of Low Cost Robotic Heart Surgery in India

What is Robotic Heart Surgery?

With the field of Cardiology and related treatment procedures maturing more with the passing time, newer ways are being introduced for the benefits and comfort of the patients. One of these procedures is Robotically assisted Cardiac Surgery. It is also called referred to as closed-chest heart procedure, and is a minimally invasive surgery performed by a Cardiac specialist.

In this procedure, the surgeon makes three small incisions that are also called as ‘ports’ in the spaces between the ribs. There are specific surgical tools and a camera attached with the robotic arms, are passed through these incisions. Also, there are motion sensors that are attached to these robotic arms so that the surgeon can control the surgical instruments. The surgeon sits in front of a computer console and gets the visuals or sees 3D images through two lenses that show images by the camera. There are also foot pedals provided to help the surgeon to instantly zoom in or out and alter the view according to his or her convenience.

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The surgeon is totally in control of these robotic arms so there are hardly any chances of mistakes or the robotic arms moving on their own. The robotic arms follow the hand movements of the surgeon but with more precision. These robotic arms that are inserted via the incisions hold and manipulate specialized instruments, which correct or address the issues on the heart or on the surrounding arteries.

There are different kinds of evaluation tests and other factors like age of the patient, current health condition, past medical history, severity of the disease – that are considered before finalizing this procedure for a patient.Get fast track low cost of surgery in India by contacting India Cardiac Surgery Site by sending your query on our Email ID : or call us at 91-9370586696.

Types of Robotic Heart Surgery

The types of Robotically assisted Cardiac procedures are:

  • Mitral valve Repair
  • Tricuspid Valve Repair
  • Removal of Cardiac Tumors (Myxoma, Fibroelastoma)
  • Ablation of Atrial fibrillation
  • Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Repair
  • Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) Repair

Benefits of Low Cost Robotic Heart Surgery in India

With the easy availability of advanced treatment procedures like Robotic Cardiac surgery in India, Indian hospitals are gifting a new hop of life to these patients suffering from heart conditions, for which this mode of treatment is the only possibility. There are several benefits, which these patients are reaping:

  • Top Cardiac hospitals and Cardiologists to attend to these patients
  • Advanced technique and usage of surgical tools so more accuracy
  • Smaller cuts or incisions required so less pain and trauma
  • Less amount of blood loss and scarring
  • Hardly any chance of infection or complications
  • Those heart ailments that cannot be cured by using other conventional technique can be cured by this method
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery and getting back to the routine
  • Low cost Robotic Heart surgery in India possible but no compromise in the quality of care

Why international patients looking for Low Cost Robotic Heart Surgery in India?

Be it the patients from developed countries like UK, USA, and UAE, or from developing countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria, etc. cost effective treatment is something that every patient is looking for. The general assumption with a Cardiac procedure like Robotic Heart surgery is that it is very expensive. But unlike many other countries that offer this particular surgery at very hefty prices, India is ensuring that the international patients choosing the Indian hospitals receive low cost Robotic Heart Surgery in India. This is very advantageous for the patients because making this kind of progressive procedure for patients coming from every kind of financial background, opens a new avenue of treatment. The cost of Robotic Cardiac surgery in India is $8,000 while in USA it is $30,000.

No waitlist for your Treatment by India Cardiac Surgery Site

Cardiac conditions can take a very serious toll on the patient’s health and if not given the timely medical attention, can lead to fatal results. We, at India Cardiac Surgery Site, can totally connect with the patient in the matter of timely treatment needed for any health ailment, specifically heart conditions. With our ample amount of services and a highly established network of best Cardiac hospitals, we ascertain that these patients receive the required treatment on time; particularly Robotic Cardiac surgery in India. With us, the patients won’t have to go through long and cumbersome waiting periods.

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