Medical Tourism to India from Rwanda witnessing a Welcome Rise

Angioplasty in India

As per the statistics related to heart diseases, these are the leading reasons behind the worldwide mortality rate. There are many causes, which are steadily giving a push to the increasing number of people getting affected by these killer diseases – unhealthy dietary habits, lack or absence of exercise, smoking or alcohol consumption gone out of control, stressful lifestyle and many other causes.

Medical Tourism to India from Rwanda witnessing a Welcome Rise

Worldwide healthcare researchers are continually trying to find newer diagnostics and treatment techniques to curb this issue. Angioplasty is one of the advanced techniques, also referred to as Balloon Angioplasty, done to get rid of obstructed arteries or veins associated with the heart. It is very commonly availed procedure and a very effective one too. In India, this procedure is easily viable at all the major hospitals and is much reasonably priced. Patients from several corners of the globe prefer to get this procedure done in India, particularly patients from Rwanda.

Top Cardiologists in India

What makes getting Angioplasty done in India an extremely fruitful experience is the presence of some of the most experienced and proficient Cardiologists. Having done their training from some of the best institutes in India and abroad, these Cardiac specialists have many of experience of working with the best hospitals – be it India or outside India. Handling one of the most critical and complex organs of the body is not easy but these specialists handle the most intricate heart procedures with utmost ease and confidence. You can getting the benefits of medical tourism to India from Rwanda at low cost.

Best Hospitals for Angioplasty in India

Every major city in India has extremely well-functioning chains of hospitals catering to every medical speciality and Cardiological disorders being at the forefront, Cardiac hospitals have a very strong presence. Each and every heart disorder has a very well planned and technologically advanced answer to it in these hospitals.

The top hospitals like Fortis, Medanta, Apollo, Care, Artemis, and many more have dedicated and highly matured Cardiology departments. These hospitals do their best to keep this department updated with the most modern kind of treatment infrastructure; especially for procedures like Angioplasty. This is one of the most favoured and top heart surgeries availed by the patients from Rwanda. So, India Cardiac Surgery Site ensures that their network comprises of the best heart hospitals of India to offer maximum benefits to these medical tourists.

Low cost Angioplasty in India

Unlike most other countries around the globe, India is very cost effective in the matter of healthcare. While in India, the medical tourists from any country, particularly from Rwanda can receive the most affordable Cardiac cure. This is most certainly very beneficial for the medical tourists who need the Cardiac procedures urgently; owing to the burning need for the immediate medical attention that heart conditions bring along with them.

So, the Angioplasty procedure, which costs $28,200 in USA and $13,400 in Singapore, costs only $5,700 in India. This massive cost difference is making medical tourism to India from Rwanda a very lucrative decision for these patients.

Medical Travel to India from Rwanda

Rwanda being a very underprivileged part of the African continent, it is a very unfortunate healthcare situation that the population of this country has to go through. Owing to the low economic development, the Government is unable to invest much funds for the development of the healthcare system. But the repercussions that the Rwandans face are major. The Rwandan population has to go through critical shortage of doctors and surgeons, effectively functioning healthcare centres, hospitals lacking latest technology and treatment techniques and a lot more.

Obviously fed up of all these loopholes, the Rwandans look for better treatment destinations, which can fulfil their healthcare requirements. This is where India Cardiac Surgery Site can help them by helping them in planning their medical tour to India in the best possible way. India has all the attributes to meet the demands of the ailing population of Rwanda and we, at India Cardiac Surgery Site aim to enhance these attribute to make the treatment experience for the Rwandans most comfortable. This is why statistics related to medical tourism to India from Rwanda is going up with every passing year.


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