Dr Bhaba Nanda Das Best Cardiothoracic Surgeon in India Tuning the Rhythm of Your Heart


Cardiothoracic surgery is the diagnosis and treatment (operative and non operative) of patients with disorders of structures within the chest including: the heart and vascular system, the lungs and trachea, the oesophagus, the diaphragm and chest wall. It includes the management of trauma and congenital and acquired disorders of these structures. Coronary artery disorder is one of the most common diseases handled via cardiothoracic surgeons. General thoracic surgeons primarily treat lung cancer and diseases of the esophagus and chest wall. Cardiothoracic surgery is the medical specialty devoted to the surgical management of intrathoracic diseases and abnormalities.

Dr Bhaba Nanda Das master of cardiothoracic surgery

The cardiothoracic surgery service by Dr Bhaba Nanda Das best cardiac surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Delhi is a recognised world leader in patient care, innovation and patient safety. He is ranked 1 in Delhi and 2nd in India. He enjoys an international reputation for its heart surgery, particularly for its heart and lung transplant program and for pioneering new ways of treating complex heart disease. He carries out 1000 procedures a year and consistently achieve outcomes superior to international guidelines. He pioneered minimally invasive valve surgery and has become a leading cardiothoracic surgeon for trialing new devices. He has brought his skills and a full range of adult cardiac surgery is available at Apollo Hospitals, Delhi. He now have an international reputation for heart and lung transplantation, mechanical assistance of the heart and pioneering new technologies in the management of heart disease.

dr. bhaba nanda

With Dr Bhaba Nanda Das best cardiothoracic surgeon in India your heart is in good hands

Dr Bhaba Nanda Das best cardiothoracic surgeon in India is the largest cardiothoracic surgery provider in India, providing urgent and elective procedures for patients requiring advanced heart or lung surgical care. He helps to deliver one of the best available services in India his state-of-the-art operating facilities at Apollo Hospitals, Delhi enabling him to specialise in a complete spectrum of cardiothoracic surgery including heart and lung transplantation. He has some of the best results for conventional and complex surgeries both nationally and internationally. He is committed to improving patient outcomes and providing the highest level of care. He caters to the population of India and is a referral cardiologist for high risk cases from all across India. His world leading research program focuses on finding new and better ways to care for his patients. He is actively involved in national and international cardiothoracic research projects.

Dr Bhaba Nanda Das most preferred cardiologist in India

Dr Bhaba Nanda Das best cardiothoracic surgeon at Apollo Hospital, Delhi has been exposed to all aspects of cardiothoracic surgery and a diverse variety of pathology. He believes in holistic patient care with improved patient results, and strive to deliver state-of-the-art, evidence based care to his patients. His goal is to provide comprehensive revolutionary cardiac surgical care to permit his patients to live an active life. He the most preferred surgeon for cardiac surgery because treatment with him is very affordable and have promising result as well. Over the years he has become enormously popular among global patients searching for cardiac treatments as they are certain to find the best viable treatment at an affordable price. Book appointment with Dr Bhaba Nanda Das cardiologist by calling at +91 – 9765025331

Benefits of choosing India cardiac surgery service

With India cardiac surgery service our primary focus is on connecting the best low cost hospitals in the world with patients seeking the best medical care and relief to their health problems. Consultants at India cardiac surgery service provide their patients with best deals for their cardiac treatments. A wide range of services is offered to the patients at India cardiac surgery service starting from their arrival till departure. We also provide round the clock assistance to our patients. If you undergo cardiac surgery through India cardiac surgery service you can save up to 40-80% of your expenses. India cardiac surgery service help provides our patients with the best medical treatments at much-depreciated prices.

To book an instant appointment with the Dr Bhaba Nanda Das Best Cardiothoracic Surgeon Apollo Hospital Delhi send your query to Email Address : dr.bhabananda@indiacardiacsurgerysite.com or call at +91-9370586696.

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