TAVR Procedure in India proving advantageous for Enumerable Medical Tourists

“Hello, I am Martha from Canada. I have always been into leading a very active life. Even at the age of 85, I just didn’t want to give up, until I was slowed down due to my Heart problems. On undergoing some evaluation tests, I was found to be suffering from a serious Heart problem, Aortic Stenosis because of which my Heart Valve had narrowed down. The solution was a surgery but considering my age, an Open-heart surgery was a very suitable option. My husband had read about an advanced surgery called TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement). However, the expense involved was a big worry.”

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“A friend of mine recommended me that I try my luck in India as she has heard about Indian healthcare services to be very patient-friendly. As told by her, I explored more about it over the internet and came across a group called India Cardiac Surgery Site. As I went through the group’s website, I got more and more amazed to see their network and the well-planned services; especially for TAVR Procedure in India. The group’s website has elaborate contact details, through which I got in touch with them. I sent an email with all my queries and described my problem. Much to my relief, the group’s representative responded very soon, and I received an email with all the answers. Also, I received a call from them, they requested me to share my medical reports.”

“Once I did that, they informed me that they would get it checked it by an expert. I found the group’s approach very professional and transparent and the process moved on very smoothly. After this, the group informed me about the packages, which I liked and gave my consent. Soon, the group arranged the visa letter, accommodation, tickets, local travelling arrangements and everything, for me and my husband. While the group arranged all this, I was free from any worries. After this, the group informed me that all the arrangements had been done and on the decided date, I traveling to Delhi with my husband for my TAVR Procedure in India.For Instant call aapointment- +91–9370586696

“When I reached at the airport, a representative from the group was there to receive me. Considering my age and condition, the group had arranged for an ambulance-pick up. This proved very helpful for me. I was taken straightaway to the hospital and thankfully I didn’t have to wait much before I was introduced to the Cardiac surgeon. He had a very detailed conversation with me and my husband, where the surgeon shared a lot about the surgery. Although he very dutifully shared all the risks associated with the surgery but at the same time, he was very confident about the high success rate of this particular surgery; and this definitely was a boost to our morale. The nursing staff helped me appropriately to prepare for the surgery.”

“Before the surgery, there were some tests that the surgeon recommended to get done; once the tests results came and were found ok by the surgeon, he went ahead with the surgery. Despite the criticality, with the surgeon’s experience, the surgery was successful. He and his team helped me recover very smoothly. The representative of India Cardiac Surgery Site was always present to look after any hindrances; also, I got language services because of which I could communicate with the hospital staff without any problem. The aftercare provided to me proved extremely beneficial for me and I recovered very well, without any complications.”

“The surgeon guided me aptly about the rehabilitation period and then I was allowed to travel back home. Thus, through TAVR Procedure in India, I got a miraculous treatment done. Not only did the hospital offered us a hygiene and homely ambience, but the staff was very friendly, and the surgeon too was very fluent with the diagnosis and treatment. Further, the cost effectiveness of such an advanced surgery was a huge benefit for me. Not only this, the constant support offered by India Cardiac Surgery Site is something without which this wouldn’t have been possible. The group is extremely professional and organized and I want to thank them from the bottom of my Heart.”

It is easy to get appointment for TAVR Procedure in India. India Cardiac Surgery Site  — The group of top cardiologist in India will help you to get the best cardiac surgeon for your surgery.

Email – enquiry@indiacardiacsurgerysite.com

call – +91–9370586696

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I am Rachel Smith,associated with India Cardiac Surgery Consultants. India Cardiac Surgery is a popular name in the field of heart surgery. These consultants are having a team of skilled and experienced cardiac surgeons.
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