With Dr. AGK Gokhale Get Life Saving Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery In India


Modern surgical operation has evolved to such an extent that the body of information and technical capabilities required have brought about surgeons specializing especially regions, normally an anatomical area of the body or occasionally in a particular technique or sort of patient. There are ten surgical specialties and this briefing covers cardiothoracic surgery. Cardiothoracic surgical procedure is the distinctiveness involved with the treatment of sicknesses affecting organs inside the thorax, basically the heart, lungs and oesophagus.

Dr. AGK Gokhale

Dr. AGK Gokhale specializing in heart, lung, and esophageal surgery

Dr. AGK Gokhale best cardiothoracic vascular surgeon in India is highly specialized cardiothoracic surgeon for surgical treatment of the entire spectrum of diseases in the chest of both adult and paediatric patients in India. He is dedicated to providing excellent patient care, outstanding education, and bringing innovative world class research to the community. The cost of heart surgery offered by him is the lowest in the world .Some comparisons show that patients from the USA can save 90 per cent of the treatment cost by having their heart surgery with him which also attracts medical tourists. He is an invaluable resource to patients, healthcare providers, and other hospitals in India as a referral surgeon for tertiary and quaternary care. Dr. AGK Gokhale specialist cardio thoracic surgery at Apollo Hospital Hyderabad is considered the no.1 cardiologist in India. He ranks among the best in the world in his competence, expertise and experience.

Benefits of having heart surgery with Dr. AGK Gokhale best cardiothoracic surgeon at Apollo Hospital Hyderabad India

Currently, Dr. AGK Gokhale specialist cardio thoracic surgery at Apollo Hospital Hyderabad has evolved into a highly sophisticated surgeon that performs more than 500 procedures per year. His expertise includes the management of newborns with complex heart lesions including single ventricle abnormalities, hypoplastic left heart ventricle syndrome, truncus arteriosus, interrupted aortic arch and transposition of the great arteries. He provides state-of- the-art cardiothoracic surgical care to patients of all ages, and has been pioneers in advancing techniques and procedures. He specialises in treating high-risk patients and those previously turned down for coronary artery bypass by other cardio thoracic surgeon. He have routinely performed heart bypass surgery, and the mortality rate for the high-risk coronary artery bypass is below 2%, comparable to the international standards While he provides elective and emergency cardiothoracic surgery to neonates, infants and children at Apollo Hospital Hyderabad India.For Fast Track Query Reply Email-id : dr.agkgokhale@indiacardiacsurgery.com

Quality care with a mission in field of cardiothoracic surgery by Dr. AGK Gokhale best cardiothoracic surgeon India

Dr. AGK Gokhale mission is to :

  • Be the best surgeon in the world to train as a cardiothoracic surgeon.
  • Provides excellent, compassionate care to patients.
  • perform state of the art medical care and studies that advances the exercise of heart, lung and cardiothoracic surgical treatment

In addition to being expert in his field, he has consistently produced the best outcomes in India. He provides a full range of care to patients of all ages with complex cardiac, pulmonary and esophageal conditions. From pediatric heart surgery to adult coronary bypass surgery and transplantation, he provides the highest quality care to his patients. He has made cardiac surgeries precise, process-driven tasks, thus weeding out time and manpower inefficiencies

Why should you choose India cardiac surgery service for arranging cardiac surgery treatment in India?

Selecting the best health practitioner and right hospital is one of the most vital decisions you’re making for your treatment journey. You owe it to yourself to find the finest remedy available for the form of disease you have. India cardiac surgery service helps you in selecting the best and most appropriate cardiothoracic surgeon and hospital for your treatment in India. We assist you in deciding on the proper treatment facility. India cardiac surgery service helps you in choosing what is most required for your case. We provide you all kind of facilities which are important in your smooth and stress free remedy. While you first arrive in India, you will be assigned a case manager, who is your advocate throughout the entire procedure. Your case manager is available 24/7 in case you have any questions, want explanation or would just like to talk.

To book an appointment with Dr. AGK Gokhale, call +91 9370586696 write to us at dr.agkgokhale@indiacardiacsurgery.com.

Visit website : https://www.indiacardiacsurgerysite.com/consult-dr-agk-gokhale-best-cardiothoracic-surgeon-apollo-hospital-hyderabad-india.php

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