Dr. Suresh Joshi Offers a Combination of Experience With Most Advanced Technology in Field of Cardiology


Cardiac surgery has witnessed major changes and rapid progress in the last 50 years, since the time of the development of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) for clinical use in 1953.Constantly the focus of the improvement in the techniques and technologies has been on making cardiac surgery safe, minimally invasive and cost-effective.  Major advances have befell in the fields of off-pump surgical treatment, video assisted surgical procedure, surgical treatment for heart failure, robot surgical treatment and artificial hearts and prostheses.

Dr. Suresh Joshi best cardiovascular thoracic surgeon in India offers best cure to your heart conditions in India

Dr. Suresh Joshi top cardiologist wockhardt Hospital Mumbai has the most experience in India in robotic-assisted cardiovascular surgery; he provides the highest level of care in every phase of the patient’s surgery and recovery. He is also is an internationally recognized leader in treating heart conditions at Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai. His mission is to provide comprehensive, innovative and high quality cardiovascular surgical services to all his patients – from pre-operative evaluation to advanced surgical interventions to post-op rehabilitation and lifestyle changes that can minimize future cardiac issues by offering  zero mortality rate in cardiologic procedures and a vascular-related amputation rate that has declined each of the past several years. He offers preventive cardiac care, cardiac rehabilitation, outpatient follow-up as well as non-invasive testing and procedures when appropriate.

Dr. Suresh Joshi Offers a Combination of Experience With Most Advanced Technology in Field of Cardiology.png

Dr. Suresh Joshi provides low cost treatment with high standards in field of cardiology

Dr. Suresh Joshi cardiac surgeon at Wockhardt hospital Mumbai is on the leading edge of treating cardiovascular and cardiothoracic conditions, including those that are rare and complex. He uses the latest innovations in heart surgery, such as minimally invasive heart surgery with robot-assisted techniques. The number of patients travel India to get treated by him each year is astounding. A spectacular number of patient’s travel from countries such as Costa Rica, US, UK, amongst other popular destinations for medical care. The treatments offered by him might be low in value, but are high in quality. For this reason, people readily consult him for cardiac procedures. With price 80% less expensive for high-risk medical procedures since cardiac treatment in western countries is the number one cause of death and one of the most expensive procedures to get for heart related treatments.

Dr. Suresh Joshi results in cardiology are among the best in the country

Dr. Suresh Joshi best cardiovascular thoracic surgeon in India carefully evaluate each patient and offer only the most durable and effective solution for each individual. His results are amongst the best in India. The practice of cardiology requires a combination of advanced skill-sets of highly trained professionals. Seamless integration of the care is given by Dr. Suresh Joshi top cardiologist wockhardt hospital Mumbai he is a full time attached to Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in New Delhi and is available to his patients round the clock. He is specially trained to undertake all kinds of simple or complex, closed or open heart surgeries, for correction of congenital and acquired heart defects in neonates, infants, children and young adults. However, any adult with congenital heart defects are also deftly handled by him. Book an appointment with best cardiologist Dr. Suresh Joshi at email-id

Avail the best by choosing India cardiac surgery service

India cardiac surgery service has been popular for cross border consultation which has earned name and fame in twelve countries for its patient centric approach, transparency, results and crating win win situation for all his patients. India cardiac surgery service is counted among the best medical provider in India. We are known for our exceptional value to cater all the aspects of medical tourism. We aim at imparting unique solutions and inexpensive healthcare facilities to the medical traveler. India cardiac surgery services are committed to assist you with your visa, airline tickets, air ambulance, consultation with the doctor, personal attendant, and translator.

For more information, please call +91-9370586696. Write to us at email id: dr.sureshjoshi@indiacardiacsurgerysite.com

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I am Rachel Smith,associated with India Cardiac Surgery Consultants. India Cardiac Surgery is a popular name in the field of heart surgery. These consultants are having a team of skilled and experienced cardiac surgeons.
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