Dr. K R Balakrishnan,Best Heart Transplant Surgeon,is offering Wonderful Cardiac surgery prices


The cardiac surgery is the surgery done on the heart or the great vessels and this is performed by the cardiac surgeons. Dr. K R Balakrishnan is the Best Heart Transplant Surgeon in India offering wonderful cardiac surgery prices. This surgery is done for treating the complications of the ischemic heart disease, treating the valvular heart disease, correcting the congenital heart disease and also includes the heart transplantation.

Heart Transplant Surgery in India- Procedure

The heart transplant surgery in India is done by the transplant surgeon Chennai Fortis Hospital, Dr. K R Balakrishnan. The pre-operative procedure include evaluating the donor’s heart and approval of it in terms of fitness to transplant in the recipient’s body. Then the extraction of the heart will be done by injecting with KCL so that the heart rate drops. An extracted heart will be kept under ice and this will be fit for transplantation up to four to six hours post extraction.

The recipient will be screened first with the required diagnostic tests and will be kept on the immunosuppressive drugs to reduce the risk of rejection of the heart. This procedure needs about four to six hours for completion and it is performed under general anesthesia. The best heart transplant surgeon India will make an incision on the sternum and approach the heart of the patient. During this surgery, the patient will be kept on a heart lung machine for maintaining the circulation inside the body.

Then the transplant surgeon Chennai Fortis Hospital will dissect the great vessels and left atrium to transact the patient’s heart. Now the donor’s heart will be placed and the great vessels are sutured to it. Once the heart is transplanted and functional, the patient will be taken off the bypass machine and the blood circulation will be restored in the body.

Best Heart Transplant Surgeon India: Dr. K R Balakrishnandr-naresh-trehan-copy

Dr. K R Balakrishnan is the best heart transplant surgeon India who is actively engaged with various institutions for developing continuous flow LVADs. The transplant surgeon Chennai Fortis Hospital is a reputed expert in the management of the end stage heart failure. He has been instrumental to start India’s First Comprehensive Centre for Heart Failure Management. Besides these, Dr. K R Balakrishnan has an extensive experience to treat the complex Congenital Heart Disease, repair TAPVR, using the homograft conduits arterial and switches in infancy. The best heart transplant surgeon also performs other cardiac surgeries such as the valvular heart procedures, repair and replacement, aortic root replacement and Ross procedure.

Why to get your surgery from Transplant Surgeon Chennai Fortis Hospital with India Cardiac Surgery Site?

Getting your surgery from the transplant surgeon Chennai Fortis Hospital with assistance from India Cardiac Surgery Site will be beneficial in terms of excellent services and wonderful prices. We provide world class facilities for the heart transplant surgery in India from the state of the art infrastructure, latest technology and advanced medical equipments.

If you are seeking your cardiac surgery at wonderful prices from the best heart transplant surgeon India, Dr. K R Balakrishnan, then you send your inquiry to India Cardiac Surgery Site. We offer the cardiac surgery at low cost which does not put burden on your pockets and that’s the reason why most foreign patients prefer getting their surgery from the transplant surgeon Chennai Fortis Hospital through India Cardiac Surgery Site. Our team will take care of all the arrangements including your medical visas, getting appointment with surgeon, stay, food, travel, etc. for your medical trip to India.


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