Christmas Special Offers : Low Cost ICD Implantation India


Christmas is a joyful annual celebration but they could come with a health warning. Over-indulgence, lack of exercise and stress can combine to make this festive season the worst time of the year for heart attacks. Here’s bringing you Christmas Special Offers with the low cost ICD Implantation India from India Cardiac Surgery Site.

Average Price ICD Implantation India

The average price ICD implantation in India is very low compared to that offered in the US. ICD Implantation in India is a device used to treat the dangerously fast heart rates which occur into he lower chambers of the heart. The affordable ICD Implantation surgery in India resembles a pacemaker and this is implanted under the skin and attached to one or more leads placed in the heart muscles. It detects the arrhythmias and delivers electrical therapy which is necessary. When this is not needed, the ICD only monitors the heart without releasing any electrical energy.icd-11

An ICD Implantation in India detects both bradyarrhythmia and tachyarrhythmia. It will supply the electrical therapy for treating these rhythm disorders which will restore the normal rate of the heart. The affordable ICD implantation surgery in India is often prescribed for patients having experienced at least one episode of ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation, drug therapy that failed to control the tachyarrhythmia or caused severe side effects or previous heart attack.

What to Expect Before, During and After Average Price ICD Implantation in India?

You will be asked not to eat or drink for a short time before the ICD Implantation in India, as anesthesia is administered to you. The average price ICD Implantation in India is well within the budget of the international patients. These are implanted just under the skin in the upper chest.

The affordable ICD implantation surgery in India is performed in an operating room or electrophysiology laboratory. Patient is strapped in place for safety with arms secured at the sides. Chest is cleaned and drapes placed over the implant region. You will be administered with one or more shots of numbing medicines in the chest region. The doctors will touch the region and ask if you could feel any sensation. The type of implant surgery depends on factors such as type of device or any prior surgeries.

Post affordable ICD implantation surgery in India, you will feel drowsy and experience soreness and tenderness at the implant site. You will be kept in the intensive care unit for a few days to monitor the heart rhythm. A day post surgery, the patient will walk around. Before you leave the hospital, the doctor will test the ICD implantation system which is programmed to meet your specific needs. A programmer and programming wand is used by holding it over the implanted ICD which is adjusted after it is in the body and alhqdefault-icdso used during the patient’s follow-up visits.

Why You Should Choose Christmas Special Offers For Low Cost ICD Implantation in India?

India Cardiac Surgery Site Consultants provides the Christmas Special Offers for the low cost ICD implantation India. We provide a vast number of high quality cardiac services and have the excellent cardiac team of cardiac surgeons, board-certified cardiologists, registered technologists, specially trained nurses, etc. The Christmas special offers are the average price ICD implantation in India with the most advanced technologies. If you are seeking the affordable ICD implantation surgery in India, fill up our free consultation form on the website. Our executives will contact you and offer expert opinions from our panel of cardiologists with thorough analysis and suggestions for the ICD implantation in India.


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